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On Wednesday the White Sox left-hander Jose Quintana allowed five earned runs on nine hits in five innings in his first start on the season. He walked one, struck out four and hit two batters. The Royals never seemed to get a solid lead on Wednesday night. The game was tied 5-5 until the bottom of the eighth inning. Cain hit a two run home-run and led the Royals to a 7-5 win. Cain had his first curtain call of his career.

First sweep of the year in the Royals first series of the year sure sounds good. John Danks who was 7-0 overall against the Royals gave up a run in the first inning but pitched four scoreless innings until the Royals broke through in the sixth. Edinson Volquez made his first appearance in a Royals uniform on Thursday and the White Sox only had four hits against him in eight innings. In the sixth inning Lorenzo Cain had a lead-off double and Kendrys Morales doubled him home. Salvidor Perez then hit a two out, two run home run giving the Royals a four run lead.

This is good for so many reasons. Cain hasn’t been much of an offensive threat in the past. With his home-run on Wednesday night and double today, the threat may change this year. Kendrys Morales had another hit and drove in Cain. Hopefully he will stay patient the rest of the season and be able to get more hits. Perez didn’t have that great of a postseason hitting wise, if you rule out the A’s game and a random home-run against the Giants that didn’t mean very much at the time. So if he gets hot early and stays hot that will be another huge threat on offense.

My biggest fear is that this season will turn out the opposite of last season. The Royals couldn’t hit the side of a barn at the start of last season and got hot late, when it mattered. AS long as they can stay hot especially at the end, the Royals will be in good shape.


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