Court’s Curve

Court's Curve

On Tuesday night Danny Duffy had plenty of cushion, but didn’t need it. He only allowed one run on five hits over seven innings. In the second inning Salvy opened up a scoring drive by hitting a ball into center field scoring Hosmer. Salvy had three hits and three RBIs, one of them being a home run. Verlander didn’t look even close to the Verlander in the past and the Royals won 5-1. On Wednesday the Royals ace struggled again and only allowed five hits over seven innings but two were triples and that is all Detroit needed. The Royals bats caused 12 fly outs and pop outs and could not get a run in.

The Royals one score came from a Morales triple that scored Hosmer. This was the first triple Morales had since 2012.
On Thursday Ventura did not look like the Ventura we wanted to see. The Royals were up 3-0 but the Tigers came back and were up 6=3. The Royals came back and tied the game 6-6. The Royals had the bases loaded to go ahead in the top of the ninth but Moose could not get a hit to drive anyone in. The Bottom of the ninth Ian Kinsler hit a walk off home run against Ryan Madson and the Tigers won 8-6.
The Royals come back home today (finally) to face the White Sox. In the ten games the Royals have played the White Sox this season, the White Sox have been outscored 44-28, including 15-11 the last four game series. Friday night is the fourth match-up between White Sox starter John Danks (2-1) and Royals starter Edison Volquez (1-2). Danks is much less effective on the road, but only three Royals have decent batting averages against him. On Saturday the two pitchers that are struggling the most will face each other. Hopefully Guthrie can pull it together since he had an extra day of rest on Monday. On Sunday Duffy takes the mound for the Royals. He had a great game for the Royals last Tuesday. He faces Quintana who has had some great starts lately, but the White Sox offense hasn’t given him run support. I think the Royals will be happy to be back home and will sweep the White Sox at the K this weekend.

Go Royals!!