• ArrowSpread

    Loving the site, gat, ladies.. Keep up the great work!

  • Tom Schreiber

    I watched the news segment on KCTV5 regarding the Straight Outta Kauffman t-shirts you’re selling. I want to share my perspective and ask that you consider the impact of the shirt’s message.

    This is not the image that any team should represent. Last year baseball fans fell in love with the Royals because they won with clutch hitting, gold glove defense and the best bullpen. Now in pictures and t-shirts, the team is being compared to NWA, a band whose lyrics endorse violence, murder and killing cops. If you think this is harmless parody, imagine little leaguers – your son/daughter/niece/nephew/brother/sister – around the nation and in KC wearing these shirts and NWA being played between innings at MLB stadiums. Even better put one of these shirts on Ewing Kauffman’s statue at The K and imagine fan reaction.

    I endorse free speech and applaud you for capitalizing on what you see as a hot, marketable product. Responsible businesses also consider the societal impact of what they’re selling which is why I’m emailing you.

    I wish you for you continued success and growth of your business and ask that you remove the Straight Outta Compton shirts from your website.

  • john

    do you have a store here in Kansas City