Chiefs Prediction

After the recreational game against the Buffalo Bills last week, The Chiefs are primed to shotgun the Seattle Seahawks into the NFC prison camp they belong. I know full and well who the Seattle Seahawks are. They are one of the softest franchises the NFL has ever known. Andy Reid put the Chiefs on cruise control 4 weeks ago and will officially downshift and slam on the gas this Sunday. Arrowhead Stadium deserves to enjoy the ass kicking that is about to commence. Fortunately, the Seahawks bring with them the worst pass offense in the NFL, spear headed by quarterback, Russell Wilson. If you fail to understand that this is Marshawn Lynch’s 8th year of “Beast Mode”, you may be surprised when the 14 sack gangster, Justin Houston initiates helmet to helmet contact with him. His 258 lb frame is pissed off and ready to contribute. Contribute to the mirage of Marshawn Lynch’s tough guy no top end speed prowess. Eric Berry will probably tee one off on Lynch or Wilson as well. No one can be sure of when the hard hits will happen, but rest assured they will happen.

The game plan is simple. Reid will abuse his top rated secondary by using 3 defensive backs, 5 linebackers and 3 big boys. They will mix up zone and man coverage in a physical way without using the blitz. I don’t see the Kansas City blitz to come until the 4th quarter, but at that point it won’t be necessary. On offense Kansas City will employ much the same tactics with a spread offense, short yardage passing attack. Look for them to mentally destroy the Seattle defense with Dwayne Bowe using his frame to bully Richard Sherman. I forsee a few deep routes from Jamal Charles out of the backfield paralleled by Donnie Avery and his 4.3 speed. Those will probably hit touchdown bingo at least once. Also expect Knile Davis to be a huge factor in this game.

Expect Seattle to have their eyes all over the Jamal Charles screen passing game. Andy Reid knows this and will control the game on both sides of the football with conservative strategy mixed with some old fashioned deep balls. For those thinking this will be a contest, think back to that fabled Monday night when New England was throttled by those Chiefs. My prediction for final score will be 31-17 Kansas City Chiefs win.

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