The Best of KC Reddit

Whether it’s the holidays, the weather, or your favorite football team blowing it, around this time of year, things tend to get a little…stressful. Sometimes, you just want to sit back, relax, and scroll through a Buzzfeed list. Well, I’m not Buzzfeed, but I can make a pretty mean listicle. Enjoy the best of KC Reddit headlines.


Yup, sure did. I’ve been caught.


It was probably that dog crap someone dumped in Gladstone.

Buzzard Beach: Come for the alcohol, stay for the risk of tetanus.


Kansas Citians are always watching each other’s backs.  Thanks for the warning, kcrockwarning. xoxo.

If you have a goat rental company, Kansas City is your market, apparently. What would YOU do with a rented goat? On second thought, maybe I don’t want to know.

A little bit of rain and everyone in Kansas City loses their mind. 

Define “weird.”

Poor Brian, all he’s doing is trying to bring you the weather! #TeamLezak

Kansas City’s favorite game: fireworks or gunshots?

Honestly, I’m upset I didn’t think of this first. Bravo. 

The real MVP of Johnson County.

KC Reddit, you rock. Seriously, Kansas City, what an amazing city.