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I was prepared for a 2016 without Alex Gordon. I wrote about the options the Royals had to replace the Platinum glover-even had a Brett Eibner shirtsey on standby at the Royals MLB shop. Yet here I sit, typing through tears of pure elation, to tell you that the Royals have signed Gordo for another FOUR years! GordoNation and those ugly shirts are here to stay. A1’s bubble-slides, not going anywhere. Gordo glove hats will be hitting the runways in KC for longer than Mcdonmer has been a couple (pretty sure that’s not Kacie and Hosmer’s relationship name, but whatever).

The Royals have unofficially inked Gordon to a 4 year, $72 million deal which is roughly $18 million annually (a $4 million dollar raise). Alex cut the Royals a huge hometown discount (again), as he was projected to net a $100MM contract. Granted, the FA market has been a bit shotty this year with lots of big names, but not many big boy ball clubs for these players to land. Thanks, baseball Jesus, for that little gift. The official contract details haven’t been released, yet, but I would guess that there are some key options attached to his contract to boost the money Gordo gets overall (remember what options are?). Nonetheless, Alex Gordon is officially the highest paid Royal ever, surpassing the previous leaders Gil Meche and Mike Sweeney at 5 years, $55MM each.

While Alex Gordon isn’t a traditional “face” of a franchise, he deserves every penny the Royals are paying him. His silent leadership is a giant piece of why the Royals have been so successful. Gordo is the golden boy (literally, with 4 Gold Gloves). He shows up extremely early to work out before games, he only eats healthy foods (claims he doesn’t even enjoy eating), and he is constantly tweaking and focusing on how to improve every aspect he can to make him the best player on the field. Gordo inspires his teammates to work harder and longer, whether they are fresh out of Omaha or a seasoned vet like Johnny Gomes. He is the backbone of this team.

Gordo’s dedication to fitness and prowess in the outfield will keep him playing for a long time like Derek Jeter or Torii Hunter before him. I look forward to extending his contract in a few years because after this signing, the Royals can never let him go. Bury A1 a Royal.

If you would like to know more about Alex Gordon and his ridiculous diet and exercise routines, here are a few of my favorite articles.

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