AFC North Prediction



Pittsburgh Steelers:

2014 Record: 11-5

Wait, the Steelers were 11-5 last year? Oh yeah, mainly due to Le’Veon Bell. You know, the one doing a puff puff pass off with LeGarrette Blount earlier in the season and who will be suspended for the first two games this year. Big Ben is old and slow moving, you know… BIG TREE FALL HARD! With the help of Todd Haley, this team is SURE to be a dumpster fire again anytime now. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell carried the team last year and should be back at it again. Since Polamalu will not be back after announcing his retirement in April, the “Steel Curtain” needs to be upheld on the back of a few key veterans and see how they fare against the rest of the division’s average level of offensive play.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 9-7


Cincinatti Bengals:

2014 Record: 10-5-1 (ties are bullshit!)

The good news is, Detroit and Kansas City are still winning the longest playoff streak LOSS streak. Not to mention the fact that the Bengals signed Andy Dalton to a RIDICULOUS contract for his actual talent and skill level… but I could see Cincinatti going up in flames again this year. Then again when you have two pro teams in a state yet the college team (Ohio State) is the only team that actually wins championships… whaddaya gonna do? I thought for SURE Marvin Lewis was gone after this year, which clearly shows how off I was. If it helps, Kansas City hasn’t had the best track record in Indy either! Gio Bernard is one of my favorite running backs in fantasy football so shoutout to him! If A.J. Green stays healthy this year they could be in for some sort of playoff contention… but I don’t really see this cluster of a team doing much.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 7-9
Baltimore Ravens:

2014 Record: 10-6

Year after year I am astounded by Flacco’s ability to do anything at all. With the insane amount of controversy surrounding the team at the beginning of the year due to Ray Rice’s incident, this team was doomed in the eyes of the national media. So were the Patriots after the MNF loss to the Chiefs but look what happened! Basically Flacco did the best he could with what he had and they ended up having a winning season and winning a playoff game. That is really all you could ask as a Chiefs fan, so I would have taken it. Short of having the player with the BEST last name in all of the NFL (Supernaw) I think the Ravens will once again be boring but will probably finish ahead of the Steelers.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 10-6

Cleveland Browns:

2014 Record: 7-9

If there was a dark cloud hanging over Cleveland before, consider it gone. This team is going ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Yeah, you heard it here first, Cleveland is going to win the Super Bowl. Why is that? Lebron will suit up as a tight end and all of their problems will be solved. This is clearly the answer to their woes. Johnny Football isn’t drinking and from my own experience being sober a couple times a month, that is the worst way to be. So short of Josh Gordon coming back and making this team the most solid in the league, I think Cleveland has it all under control and will be undefeated this year. Dream big, y’all.
GAT’s Season Prediction: 16-0

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