AFC East Prediction


Miami Dolphins:

2014 Record: 8-8

For the sixth consecutive season, the Miami Dolphins did not make it to the playoffs. Is there pressure on head coach Joe Philbin to maybe cross the 9-7 mark and get to the playoffs? Of course. Is this a make or break season for Philbin? Probably but probably not. Miami has endured some of the best years of sports history and some of the worst and the Dolphins seem to be taking third place as far as most exciting football teams in Florida. Hopefully this is the year for Tannehill to shine and can prove to be AT LEAST BETTER THAN THE JETS! But then again, isn’t that everyone’s goal?

GAT’s 2015 Season Prediction: 7-9


Buffalo Bills:

2014 Record: 9-7

Regardless of 2014 being the first winning season for the Bills since 2004, this team always seems to scare the hell out of the Chiefs year after year. Add in the fact Rex Ryan is freshly signed on as head coach and this could be a year of making it to the playoffs. The offseason was good to the Bills with the additions of LeSean McCoy and (cough) Matt Cassel. Trying to be optimistic in this preview stuff, but Rex already has his hands full with trying to make Cassel into something more than the failure he is and getting McCoy to abstain from massive orgy parties. That being said, the formula in Buffalo will probably read a lot like New York… entertaining press conferences, great Rexisms and even more promises of Super Bowl greatness. Hint: it doesn’t usually happen.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 6-10


New York Jets:

2014 Record: 4-12

Yikes. Well, the season of rebuilding has certainly begin with the Jets and their overhaul on offense. The strangest quarterback mix in this division has to go to the Jets for Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Jake Heaps. My guess is Fitzpatrick will start and Geno will cry on the bench most of the season. Just kidding…(kind of) I’m sure it will all be even playing field by end of preseason. The newly appointed coach, Todd Bowles, better be prepared to deal with the fans more than anything else. The Jets have an intense and faithful fanbase that seems to have a doomsday group mentality regarding their beloved team, which makes them lovable to everyone else! Being out for blood this season, the Jets will probably improve on their record from last year but not by much.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 5-11


New England Patriots:

2014 Record: 12-4 (They won the damn Super Bowl)

It goes without saying that the Kansas City Chiefs are the true winners of Super Bowl XLIX. Now that I have that out of my system, Tom Brady is suspended for four games and as far as Patriots fans are concerned, he did NOTHING wrong. Since when did the NFL turn into the FBI and get access to someone’s phone? I don’t let anyone into my phone, let alone some wrinkly old jackass like Roger Goodell. I’m sure the Patriots cheated, as most people would, and now they are paying the price. Will they go back to the Super Bowl? I’m going to say no, but stranger things have happened. With a healthy and 100% Gronk, anything is possible.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 11-5


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