A Weekend w/ #PokeSprots

The KSU Ambassador program that we bragged about starting with the arrival of our friend @Pokelahoma has been officially terminated. We apologize for the inconvenience, but read about our weekend anyways!


In typical Sprots Takes fashion, we offered to take care of all plans upon his arrival to the lovely Kansas City Airport… where there is apparently a pontoon boat located in the terminal? Also upon arrival, we gave Poke some authentic KANSAS CITY VODKA! WOOOO 360!


Once we reached the lovely Manhattan, Kansas area…

Not only did we get our first round of beers bought for us, but @Pokelahoma is just like one of us and drinks Coors Light while GAT downs Miller Lite. The only reason he THOUGHT he was winning the race was the whole “GAT can’t stop talking to strangers and conducting business while at a bar” thing. Such a hustler, that GAT.

So they continued to Bramlage, where @Pokelahoma got to see the GOAT eat a hot dog… We think? It wasn’t Taco Bell, so not 100% sure.


Anyways, there was a weird poodle hybrid halftime show… by “weird” we mean completely adorable and we loved every minute of it! After the terrible showing by Oklahoma State, Poke began making friends around our #VIPAMAZING seats by yelling about how at least Oklahoma State beat Kansas. That is one way to get people on your side, buddy.

The other best part of this trip will be talked about on this week’s podcast with @Pokelahoma… so stay tuned!


Other highlights:




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