A Royal Recap

It is baseball season in Kansas City and I’ve never been more excited.

This April has proven as one of the most electric starts in recent Royals history and people all over the city are excited to watch the team night after night.

The fights, the attitude and the spirit of this team have reignited the passion for baseball that seemed to nosedive after the World Series finished without a victory for the Royals. With the momentum and the buzz around the realigned team peaking right around Opening Day, the Royals showcased their raw and emotional way of playing baseball by destroying the Chicago White Sox 10-1 and defending their recent title of American League champs until the end. Was it the end? Over the next few weeks eighteen Royals have been hit by a pitch. EIGHTEEN! This seems like more than just a slippery ball issue.

Where do you draw the line of entertaining baseball and violent baseball? Well for me, I am finally being entertained with the Royals in April and could not love them more if I tried. I grew up in a rugby household and it wasn’t a game until someone was bleeding or there was a fight breaking out. I also loved wrestling as a kid and absolutely love the idea behind the “Blue World Order” and the Royals. With so many people supporting this team that has a will to win, a brotherly bond and obvious talent…the Royals are setting up for an exciting season.

Today opens up the series against Cleveland, a team that is 6-11

and showing little promise of a winning season. This is a perfect opportunity for the Royals to warm up for the loathed Detroit Tigers coming to town at the end of the week. Not only will the Royals be coming home for the first time in over a week, but there are lots of fun activities as well coming up!

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