An Open Letter to Gary Pinkel: Written by a lifelong K-State fan and graduate.


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Dear Gary (or Larry, as my mom used to call you),

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for providing competition in the Big 12. Thank you for coaching games that I will never forget. Even though I didn’t want

either team to win when MU played KU (when KU was good), I still watched because I knew they would

be the best games of the year.

One of my favorite memories was in Columbia in 2004. K-State was down by 21 and came back to beat

the Tigers 35-24, thanks to Darren Sproles. My dad and I traveled to Columbia, an MU fan gave us tickets,

so we sat in the alumni section during the game. As the Wildcats were coming back the elderly couple in

front of us were getting mad, wanting Pinkel’s head. I bet they are probably thinking something

different now.

Gary Pinkel was most winning coach in Toledo history and also became the winningest coach in

Missouri history in 2013. He had some ups and downs in his coaching career and in his personal life.

Since I am not an MU fan, I thought his DWI was a little funny. Ever since then, I have always wondered how big

that jumbo glass of wine was, and I have also practiced counting backwards.

I know Missouri will miss Gary Pinkel not only for his coaching abilities, but also as the voice of

Missouri pride. Pinkel will be hard to replace. Hopefully, Missouri makes a smart hire, unlike what

Kansas State did when Snyder retired the first time. Thanks, Coach, for all you did. Thanks for making

games exciting for non-Mizzou fans. I hope you’ve got your battle head on and get healthy quick.


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