Ups and Downs: St. Louis Cardinals


A month and a half of play under out belts and we sit in first place as I write this post.. I’d like to say that I’m not surprised by this fact but unfortunately I’d be lying if I said that. The 2017 season has been, well, bumpy.. I can’t say high, I can’t say low, I can’t say disappointing, and I can’t say exceeding expectations.

It’s not in the middle of any of those things it is literally a back and forth of all of those things. I’m thrilled we’ve risen to the top again, but those first few weeks were rough people! In obvious die hard fandom I have some ideas for Mo and the boys to keep us at the top of the Central and you all are lucky enough to get to hear them!


Peralta has to go. Trade, cut, forget to pick-up at the airport, whatever you have to do, just get him gone. If you know me at all you know Johnny Peralta is maybe my least favorite Cardinal of all time, however this isn’t just because I dislike him. I do have my reasons. When he’s off the DL he’s not really coming back and helping us where we need it. His bat is disappointing and his defense, ugh, and that’s at third! They were talking the other day about giving him time at shortstop. Ya know, because his range is just SO impressive over there.. – Please Mo, just send him packing?!

What are we doing with Matt Adams? Props to the guy for losing some weight and being open to giving outfield a shot in order to stay in the lineup and get some playing time. Unfortunately, it was a pretty big fail. Outfield is just not for everyone, and that’s okay! What isn’t okay is that he could either be playing first base and getting work for us, or he could be traded for something that we need. This leads me to number three…

Why do we keep moving Matt Carpenter all around the damn infield!? People want to complain because his defense isn’t as crisp as they’d like it to be.. well unless you are Ben Zobrist, being moved to a different position each year isn’t exactly the most efficient way to be a Gold Glove caliber player.

Don’t allow Carlos Martinez to braid his hair ever again.. After his first bad start with the new hair I thought people were crazy.. then the disappointing performances continued and I hoped on board. Now the hair is back to normal and he’s pitching well. Add this to his contract please, no more braids!

Lastly, and the one that breaks my Cardinal loving heart, we need to address Wainwright. Now, I love Waino and I was even fortunate enough to get a picture with him a few months ago at the STL airport (SUPER nice guy!), but I think Mo, along with all of us Cards fans, might need to accept the fact that Waino’s time is coming to an end. His performance isn’t what it used to be, he’s getting older, and we’ve gotten A LOT of good years and performances from the man. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end at some point and it’s time we all start realizing that this time is coming for our beloved Mr. Waino. — If I can get over Chris Carpenter’s departure, I believe we can all make it through this as well.