2015 Kansas Jayhawks Football

Editor’s Note: Court will be covering KU football this fall until someone else steps up and wants to tackle that giant! Since Court lives in a “house divided” the games are already being watched so might as well write about them! If you are interested in talking about KU sports, shoot me an email!


Kansas Football has changed quite a bit since the off season. They brought in a new head coach David Beaty and he has brought in a whole new attitude into the KU Football program. He got to work quickly and in the spring coach Beaty ordered his staff to canvas the state. He wanted them to hit every high school in Kansas that fielded a football team, and even some that didn’t.  This was to boost up recruiting efforts all across Kansas. Beaty’s goal is to build a “Kansas Identity” in his football program. So that means visiting 474 High Schools in the spring. Beaty recalls the mid to late 2000’s when Mangino was winning. The Ku Roster was full of standouts from the state of Kansas at the time. Some of the players were Meir, McAnderson, Sharp and Stuckey. Beaty was an assistant at Kansas in 2008 and 2009 when Kansas won the bowl games, so he knows perfectly well what it takes to win at Kansas. Beaty has a second goal and that is to build a productive and sustainable walk on program. He knows that the walk on program is all about relationships. He knows perfectly well about what it takes to recruit since that was his previous job at Texas A&M.
The major question this season for KU was who was going to start at QB. The Jayhawks entered the off season with Michael Cummings as the front runner, but Cummings suffered a knee injury in the spring game. So after he got injured Montell Cozart became the front runner. On Monday Cozart was named the starter for the Jayhawks first game on Septmber 5th against South Dakota State at 11 a.m. Cozart had said a while ago that he is feeling really god about where he is and he is hoping to continue to grow. Hopefully being named the started will boost his confidence even more. Beaty knows that Cozart is a hard worker and is really smart. He also says that the team loves him and rallies around him, which is always good for a starting QB.
Coach Beaty has looked for players that are consistent and they will play the ones who he trusts and will work their hardest day in a day out.  In his press conference the other day he threw out some names of people that have proven to him they want to start.  Those players are Tevin Shaw, TJ Semke, Brandon Stewart, Tyron Miller Jr. Keith Locker, Montell Cozart, Trey Parmalee, Jordan Shelley-Smith, D’Andre Banks, Kent Taylor, De’Andre Mann and Matthew Wyman.  I wouldn’t be surprised if those names came up a lot this season too.  Hopefully this season will be better for the Jayhawks .

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