2014: Pretty Neat

2014 was a helluva year. Started out with the Chiefs killing my hopes and dreams of seeing a playoff win and ended with watching the Chiefs finish out the season without a wide receiver touchdown at Arrowhead against the Chargers. In between then, the Kansas City Royals went to the World Series. What? No. I’m still in shock. October was great until we like…lost and stuff. At least the theme of being let down started early in the year and it really hasn’t phased me much. To completely sound as obnoxious as possible, my 2014 has been wonderful. This was a year to stop making excuses and start doing exactly what I want to do, so I did. That’s pretty neat.

January 1st, 2014: The day that I stopped letting excuses and bullshit that I came up with stop me from accomplishing what I wanted out of life. No more whining about life not being fair, no more excuses about why I could not accomplish something, no more people that drained my energy, no more things that weren’t worth my time. It’s the end of the year and I have stuck with those goals pretty seamlessly. There have been times where I’ve failed, but I have succeeded by learning from those failures. So there.

Anyways, those were just a few goals that I had in the New Year. I also wanted to make my own website, NotoriousGAT, more active and continue to write at least once a week. That was a lot easier when I was off school and didn’t have a ton of things to do, so eventually the concept of “Sprots Takes With Hotties” was born and now we have a team of excellent females that are hilarious, good looking, fun drinkers and that work hard. What a neat concept! So we have continued this blog and podcast and all I can tell you is that I am learning how to edit audio, publish things and keep up with it all and doing the best I can. It’s not perfect but whatever, thanks for listening and putting up with all of it. Now that we have this fully steamrolling into 2015, look for a lot more of us. We will be shamelessly plugging ourselves in every opportunity and way possible! I know this is exciting to all of you! Who doesn’t love being bombarded by a completely united force of sprots takes from hotties? We might cuss a lot, drink too much at times, say inappropriate things, make zero sense and have strange mannerisms… but we like it that way.

This has been a great year, stay tuned and look out for the “Best of 2014” that will be awarded on the 31st for everyone to feel jealous of the winners and to win a prize of “Sprots Takes Best of 2014 Award Winner.” It’s like winning an Oscar only not really.

Thanks for being a part of our site and we look forward to bringing you more entertainment in 2015!